Potty Training for Dogs

Potty training a puppy can be quite a struggle; particularly when you’re not really acquainted with the dog’s methods of trying to tell you that he or she needs to go to the bathroom.

Various breeds of dogs tend to be a bit unique with regards to telling you they need to go.  A lot of dogs tend to smell the ground and will sometimes walk around in circles while sniffing, though some other pups are going to start barking, scratching at the door or whining to inform you that they have to go outside.

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potty training for dogs

Regardless of which way your pooch communicates with you, you will need to be prepared to help them along the potty training process.  The most popular techniques for toilet training dogs are paper training and crate training.

Potty Training for Dogs – The Crate Training Technique

When choosing the dog crate, you will want to find one which is just big enough for your pooch to fully stand-up and turn around in, without much extra room for play.  Your pup’s crate ought to be equipped with a comfy bed and a toy or two to help your pooch feel comfortable and safe.

Never push your pet into their crate.  Begin by using treats to encourage your pooch to get inside the crate. Don’t close the door right away.  Once your pet starts to feel comfortable in their crate, you can begin closing them in the crate for short periods of time.  As they become more and more accustomed to the crate, you can leave them in it for longer time periods.

Although accidental potty problems may happen, your pooch will quickly figure out how to tell you when he or she must go to the bathroom. Then you can start taking your pup outdoors to their appropriate potty place to let your pet go potty.  Your pet should never be punished if they have a potty accident. This can seriously harm your relationship with your pet. Simple redirect them to the appropriate place and then clean-up their crate or other location they had an “oops” in order to get rid of the smell and discourage them from going potty there again.

Paper Training

Paper training is yet another option for toilet training your pup. Simply use newspapers or a puppy pad on the floor in the location where you would like your pooch to go potty. Once your pup understands that they are to go potty on the paper, start taking your pet outside several times a day, (about 5-10 minutes after meals, first thing in the morning, and before sleep at night are great times).

Whenever you take your pet outside, also take a soiled puppy pad or paper with you and place it on the ground so that your pooch will start to make the connection.  Your pup will quickly catch on and you will no longer need to use the papers.

Potty training a puppy properly right from the start is definitely worth the time and energy and will certainly help establish a positive relationship between you and your pooch.