How to Deal With Aggressive Dog Behavior

An aggressive dog can growl at you, snap, or even bite you if you don’t do what the dog wants you to do. You probably just write this off as dog behavior, but it doesn’t have to be like this with your dog. It is possible to change your dog’s behavior.

Once a dog has bitten someone and broken the skin, the dog is considered to be an aggressive dog according to animal behavior specialists. It’s important not to ignore this behavior and to get help from an experienced trainer as soon as possible if this happens.

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Some aggressive dog behavior is easy to stop and work on. Other times it can lead to really bad problems. When I was 11 years old our 1 year old male Great Dane almost killed a little boy who wandered into our yard. My parents really waited way too long to deal with the signs of his aggression. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you have serious aggressive issues developing in your dog, it’s time to seek professional advice. Although most trainers use gentle ways to deal with an aggressive dog, and they know that treating the animal in a cruel way will make matters worse, there are still bad dog trainers out there. That’s why it’s important to find one who understands dog behavior and how to change it.

Cruel trainers use pain, fear, and force to change aggression in a dog, and the dog may act less aggressive, but it’s out of fear. A possibility that the dog may revert to aggressive behavior is still there. On the other hand, a dog trainer who knows dog behavior realizes that the dog just needs training to realize that you are the alpha dog, not him.

No pet owner wants a dog with a negative attitude! You can change some situations when your dog is aggressive by doing things a little bit differently. If your dog growls at you when you tell him or her to get down from your chair, just don’t let the dog get up there in the first place. Catch the dog in the act of jumping up and say a firm, “No!”Remember it is important that you are correcting aggressive dog behavior before it turns into something beyond your control.

A professional dog trainer knows many other ways to change your dog’s behavior. Most trainers recommend having the dog checked by your veterinarian first to be sure that there is no physical cause for the aggression, but there usually isn’t anything wrong other than the dog wants to be the boss!

Every year, 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs, and 368,000 of them need medical treatment in the emergency room. Most dog bite victims are children, so don’t let your dog growl or snap at your child! The animal’s behavior can become worse and worse until a very serious situation develops that you are responsible for.

Some dog owners make excuses for their pups, saying that aggressive behavior is natural for a dog. Well, it’s not natural for a trained dog who is a pet. There is no excuse for a dog who is not trained.

The kindest thing you can do for your aggressive dog is to get help from a successful dog trainer. We recommend Dr. Dennis Fetko. Save him or her from being euthanized when the behavior worsens and the dog hurts someone. There is a high success rate of changing aggressive behavior in dogs, and your dog can be among the success rates as well!

Remember, it’s vital to take care of these issues asap, click here now to get professional advice that really works.