Have you Ever Wondered Why American Pit Bull Dogs Eat Poo?

If you have owned an American Pit Bull dog before or you own one now, you almost certainly have asked yourself the reason why these dogs eat their poo.  It is certainly gross, unpleasant to think about, and typically even dangerous for your pooch.  Not that it makes you feel a great deal better, but your poo-eating dog is not alone when it comes to this revolting habit.

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bull dogs eat poop

American Pit Bull Dogs eating poo it actually a pretty common behavioral issue.  It is technically referred to as “coprophagia,” and other than just being gross, it can cause dog owners a great deal of stress if they don’t understand this behavior.  Generally speaking, dogs often eat poo because of emotional issues, often anxiety related.  Nutritional issues can also trigger poo eating.

Why American Pit Bull Dogs Eat Poo

Cleanliness – if an American Pit Bull dog is in a confined place and their area is not cleaned regularly, they will often resort to eating their poo as a way to clean their “home” themselves.

Hunger – if you are not feeding your dog enough and there is nothing else available to eat, the dog may eat its poo in order to reduce its hunger

Nutrition – if your American Pit Bull pup has worms or other parasites, they may be suffering from malnutrition and eating their poo in an attempt to reclaim some of the lost nutrients

Anxiety – many American Pit Bull dogs experience anxiety and stress for a variety of reasons including their owners leaving them alone. Their poo eating maybe be a call for attention or simply a nervous behavior

Mimic – if your pooch has seen you “clean up the poo,” they may just be mimicking your behavior in the best way they know how, (since they don’t have opposable thumbs to actually pick it up themselves)

How to Stop your American Pit Bull Dog from Eating Poo

Regardless of the reason for their poo eating, you can start adjusting their behavior immediately.  Just follow these simple steps:

1. Check your pooch for health problems, especially in the case of a dog that just recently started eating poo.  Have your veterinarian check your dog for parasites or other physical problems.  You vet can also help you determine if your pooch is perhaps underweight for their breed and size, in which case you may just need to feed them more.

2.  If your vet cannot determine the cause of the poo eating, try keeping your yard, or the dog’s area, poo free as much as possible.  If your dog doesn’t have health issues, their poo eating is behavioral, and the easiest way to change their behavior is to make sure there’s no poo available for them to munch on.

3.  If you catch your dog in the act of eating poo, don’t hit them.  You can use a water bottle to spray them while saying, “No!”  They should get the idea pretty quickly.

With all of the above techniques, just remember to be consistent and to have someone watch your American Pit Bull dog as often as possible.  Their poo eating days are numbered.  In the meantime, you may not want to let them lick your face.


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