Dog Training Commands – 6 Steps to Teach Your Dog “Come” Command

In this short write-up we are going to be seeking at one particular of the standard dog instruction commands of “come”. When your dog hears the verbal “come” command or sees the hand signal for the “‘come” command, he must leave what ever he is doing and come sit in front of you so that you can touch his collar.

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dog training commands

You must practice the “come” command in a secure environment. Right after about 2 weeks of steady results in a low distraction setting indoors, you can practice the command outdoors where you might encounter many distractions, this kind of as folks or other animals.

Canine teaching does not have to be complicated, nor does it take huge quantities of time to teach your canine the fundamentals. We all want our canines to come to us when known as. There are numerous approaches to go about this canine coaching procedure, but here are six basic steps to outline under

The following directions will have your dog responding to your “come” command in no time. This straightforward method revolves all around luring your canine and then rewarding him.

Please have useful little dog treats that you will use as a teaching assist.

1. Initial stand within five feet of your canine and hold a canine treat in amongst your thumb and index finger so it can easily be witnessed. Your arm ought to be in front of you but resting on your leg.

2. Now just get the atmosphere thrilling to your dog by placing on a fantastic large smile and with a sweet and exciting tone of voice, say “your dog’s name” follow by “Come” Do not overdo the come command with too significantly excitement, just sufficient to get him to notice you and realize that you are content.

3. Movement for your canine to Come by producing a huge, sweeping motion with your appropriate arm bring the palm of your correct hand to the middle of your chest. This is the hand signal for Come

4. Your puppy must start off coming towards you, particularly at the sight of the canine treat in your hand. Most dogs come running at the first hint of meals, but your puppy may possibly require a little a lot more motivation. If soon after a moment he does not respond, your following move is to squat down and reach out with the treat just slightly, although calling his name once again and getting the “come” command.

5. When your puppy does arrive at the treat and in front of you, try to lure him into the sitting position by stroking his neck and upper back with one particular hand and applying pressure on his decrease back for him to sit, although slowly moving the deal with to his mouth with your other hand. Now is the best time to start praising him in a loving voice and making a constructive feeling that he will want to encounter yet again when you contact his name and ask him to come to you.

6. At some point drop the canine treats altogether and repeat the above measures, but offering praise as a substitute of meals when your canine comes to you.

Question: What do I do if my canine does not respond to the “Come” command?

If your canine will not come when called, you should go to him, producing confident that you do not chase him. If your dog runs off when you strategy him, turn and run away from him so he chases you. When your canine is close to you, take him by the collar and reward him with a deal with.

Preserve repeating this approach until your canine responds to “Come” command reliably.

In this write-up we have looked at the “Come” command, it is 1 of the standard dog training commands, if you follow the six methods outlined above, you must not have any issue teaching your canine.


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