American Pit Bull Dog Health Problems: Causes and Prevention

In terms of American Pit Bull Dog health problems, there are several potential health conditions that may catch both you and your American Pit Bull Dog off guard. The effects are often equally expensive and emotionally overwhelming if they’re not treated quickly.

Rather than reacting to potential health issues as they occur, find out exactly what you can do now to prevent them to begin with and to keep your pooch healthy and happy.

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american pitbull dog health problem

Potential American Pit Bull Dog Health Problems

American Pit Bull Dogs are afflicted by a variety of medical issues, just like people. The main difference is the fact that an American Pit Bull Dog can’t let you know verbally when their stomach hurts or they have a fever.

They all too often endure whatever pain or discomfort they are having in silence until eventually they have a much larger medical problem that often requires immediate and expensive treatment. Therefore, it is important for you to identify the signs and symptoms of  Dog health problems as well as the steps you can take to prevent any issues from the beginning.

Infections – American Pit Bull Dogs offer are afflicted by numerous infections – skin, tooth, ear and otherwise.  If bacteria or a foreign body find their way into your pooch’s ear, they may develop an ear infection.

Checking your Dog’s ears regularly for dirt, moisture, swelling, or red spots can help alert you to a potential issue. Luckily, most infections are easy to prevent. Thoroughly clean your pet’s ears, eyes, teeth, and fur regularly in order to help prevent the buildup of bacteria and other would-be problems.

Allergies – Dogs can experience a variety of allergies. The most common is an allergy to fleas, which can trigger hot spots that can further cause infections. Ensure you give your Dog some form of flea medication on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, if your pooch has skin problems that also cause ear infections or other issues, (such as a high temperature), they may have a food allergy.  If you suspect your pup has a food allergy, you should have them checked by your veterinarian.

Diabetes – If your pooch is eating excessively fatty, sugary or otherwise rich foods, they may develop pancreatic issues which, in turn, can cause diabetes. To help prevent diabetes, feed your American Pit Bull Dog minimal or no table scraps and on a healthy American Pit Bull Dog food.

Joint Dysplasia and Arthritis – Certain breeds of Dogs are extremely vulnerable to hip and other joint issues. Pure bred American Pit Bull Dogs are generally more prone to arthritic Dog health problems because of their long, narrow joints. Be sure your pet gets their essential vitamins and minerals they require daily and have your vet assess their joints for deterioration at least once annually.

Obesity – Weight problems are one of the most common and potentially life-threatening American Pit Bull Dog health problems.  Obesity is caused by not getting enough exercise and by simply eating too much. Obesity can lead to other health issues such as liver disease, tumors, and even heart failure.  Obesity can be prevented with a proper diet and exercise.

As long as your American Pit Bull Dog receives a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and you maintain healthy grooming and cleanliness standards, most American Pit Bull Dog health problems can be prevented. Even so, it is important to take your American Pit Bull Dog to the vet for an annual check-up.  The sooner you discover an ailment, the better your chance that it can be treated successfully.


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